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Bird swinging on a limb

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Purple Finches

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California Towhee

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Lesser Goldfinch

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Orange Variant House Finch

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California Thrasher

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Black-Head Grosbeak

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California Dove

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Scrub Jay

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Bullock's Oriole

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Black - Headed Grosbeak

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Steller's Jay

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Steller's Jay another view

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Geese at Duncan Pond

(MP4 - 897 K)

California Quail

We have been in bird heaven watching all the birds in California. A lot of them are new birds on our list. We are doing videos of the ones we are fast enough to photograph. We have an Anna's Hummingbird at our feeder too, but have not been able to get the camera out fast enough for that one. I will be adding videos to this list as we move on down the state to San Diego, so keep checking back for more if you love birds like we do.

Here is a list of the ones I am adding today:

Finches, both Purple & House with an orange variant of the House Finch

Goldfinches and Lesser Goldfinches

California Towhee

California Thrasher

Scrub Jay & Steller's

Bullock's Oriole (female)

California Dove

Black-Headed Grosbeak

Keep checking back for more. :-)

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