Our first stop in San Diego was for info

They have a great Trolley that goes all over the city, we...

View of the city

Another view

View of the harbor

Maritime Museum

They have a lot of harbor tours available

Our next stop was Seaport Village, it was an awesome boardwalk with...

Beautiful flowers were all over the park

Walking toward the boardwalk

Jerry checking out the menu

Look at the view from this one

Lots of outside tables

Another view

Another view

Everything under the Sun




The rocks in the pond looked like huge turtles :-)

Another view

A stream

This tour takes you right out on the

View of the harbor

Another view

Incredible flowers


It was a beautiful place to shop

Lots of variety

Look at the size of these

Hot Sauce

Jerry checking them out

I liked the Swing's N Things Shop


Tons of food

After all the variety of foods, we ended up wanting a burger...

Back on the road exploring the city

View from the bridge

Another view

We passed the beautiful Coronado Hotel

Another view

Our last stop was Inperial Beach

Back home, guess what Jerry will be trying to catch??

We had a great day today. We decided to explore a bit of the city of San Diego. There is so much to do here, it is going to take the whole month for sure. The first place we stopped was the visitor center for more info. Thank goodness we have a great gps to help us find our way around. It took us right to all the places we planned to visit without any problems. San Diego also has a great trolley that takes you to all the points of interest and lets you get on and off as many times as you wish in a day, or you can buy a ticket for the whole month. We plan to check it out and see how we like it for a day first. The trolley center is only about a mile from our campground. It will take you all the way to Mexico, if you wish.

We drove though town and then along the harbor and stopped at a place called Seaport Village. They advertised having everything under the sun and they lived up to it. So many unusual shops with tons of places to eat. So much variety we could not decide what we wanted for lunch. After checking out a lot of menus we ended up with simple burgers. They did have Ostrich ones available, but we passed. :-)

The flowers in the area were outstanding. It was a beautiful place to visit and we recommend it to anyone visiting the area. After we left Seaport Village, we decided to drive over the bridge and check out the beaches. We saw a couple of state beaches on the way and we even passed the famous Coronado Hotel. Our last stop was Imperial Beach. We had plans to let Ollie run in the water and play a bit, but they did not allow dogs. I will have to find out which beaches in the area allow dogs because he loves the beach as much as we do.

When we arrived home we noticed a sign in the campground about fishing for Cats for a prize. They are paying $25 cash for each catfish caught that has a special tag on them. We love Halibut and some types of fish but are not fond of eating catfish, but we are fond of cash. :-) Jerry will be a busy fisherman this month. More later from San Diego.

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