Jerry getting ready to fish, it's a beautiful place to fish

Ollie watching from the car

Look at this duck with a blue bill, I think he is...

Another view, it looks like it has been painted :-)

American Coot

Rufous Towhee

Terns?? Not sure what these are

Some funny ducks :-)

Still trying to find info on this one, he has two dots...

Female Hummingbird

This one looks like he is wearing a black hood :-)

Blurry but cool shot of a Bullock's Oriole, he loves the sugar...

Female Oriole

Not sure if this is a male or female, he has a...

Last.... is my favorite,...a Costa's Hummingbird

We are having a wonderful time at Santee Lakes. Jerry has really enjoyed the fishing and I am enjoying the birds. I was surprised to see a duck in the lake with a bright blue bill. It looked like someone had painted it blue. :-) I got the best picture I could of him, he was way out in the lake. When I looked him up online I found one just like him, he is a Ruddy Duck.

I am learning a lot about all the water type birds, plus there are more hummingbirds here than I have ever seen. The only hummer we have in Florida is the Ruby Throat. There are at least five varieties coming to our feeder. I had to buy a second feeder to stop all the fights over the sugar water. What an awesome problem to have. :-)

We also have a pair of Bullock's Orioles coming as regulars. Cool! I am adding pictures to show you. More later from Santee Lakes.

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