The city has palms lining the streets

We saw several painted bulls also

Beautiful rocky shoreline

Children's Beach was loaded with baby seals

Seals in the water

Seals on the beach

All over the rocks too

It is a beautiful beach

This little girl watching the seals loved Ollie :-)

He loved the attention too :-)

Bird of Paradise plant near the beach

Contemporary Museum has a pile of boats all over the top

Outstanding yards all over La Jolla

Home on the beach

Beautiful sandy beaches

We had our picnic at this one

Ollie enjoyed walking in the park

Another beauty on the way home

Last one!

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Seal Sliding Off Rock Video

Today we visited the Children's Pool Beach in La Jolla, California. We heard about a lot of seals taking over the beach. They are trying to decide what to do about them to run them away. They were even talking about opening the beach up to dogs to scare the seals away. They will decide what to do in ten days, according to the San Diego news stations. We decided we better hurry and see them before they run them off. I guess the people here are just so use to seeing seals it's no big deal to them, but it is still very exciting to us. :-)

La Jolla means "The Jewel," in Spanish, and it is a jewel. The streets are all lined with palm trees and the homes and yards are outstanding. I am adding pictures to show you the area and even one video of a seal sliding off a rock. Videos are VERY slow loading, so please be patient. More later from California.

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