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American Kestrel welcomes us to Finley

Many NWRs have the blue goose weathervane.

Cedar Waxwings fight over the apples

See how much the apple has been eaten!!

Golden Crowned Sparrow

Boardwalk trail

Cackling Geese fly in by the hundreds

Yellowlegs in sillouette

Dragon Fly (pond skimmer???)

View of the ponds. The big dark spot iin the middle is...

White Breasted Nuthatch

Acorn Woodpecker

"What cha' lookin at?" American Coot

Northern SHovelers. Very pretty ducks

Red Winged Black Bird

Ferns growing from the side of trees

Boardwalk through the wetlands. Looks like Yoda should live here.



On the way home we see a typical sight, sheep in a...

Cowbird on the sheep...or does this make it a Sheepbird?

When I was attending Oregon State University as a student in Wildlife Biology, (many years ago!)I had many field trips to Finley National Wildlife Refuge. It is just outside of Corvallis. I love to go out there and walk around and see the changes in the seasons. There are a lot of hiking trails including a nice boardwalk.

One of the coolest things I saw this day was a flock of cedar waxwings in an apple tree. The birds were eating so much of the apples, they looked like hollow lacy balls in the tree. I had a good time watching them.

In the fall there are thousands of Canadian Geese that hang out here. These are mostly of a subspecies called Cackling Geese. They are a little smaller than the Canada Geese on the East Coast and they have more of a high pitch squeak when they honk. Thousands of them make an interesting noise.

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