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This morning Elizabeth brought a beautiful cake with white frosting and red decorations to Silver Sneakers class to celebrate her 80th birthday. She looks quite a bit younger.

After class I went next door to ARA to see if I could get photocopies of certain images from my recent CT myelograms. My Windows XP computer can read the images but I couldn’t find the exact one that shows the latest fracture. I was hoping that they could find it and print it for me but they didn’t know how. They made another CD with only the thoracic images to see whether that would solve the problem. Unfortunately, it didn’t. Now my last best hope is to have someone in Dr. Geck’s office pull up the images and either print them for me or let me take photos of them with my camera. I left a message for the medical records section concerning this option.

This afternoon a representative from Time Warner Cable came by to complete a customer satisfaction survey. I told her that I didn’t consider their “upgrade” to be better; it seems more like a downgrade to me because my TV picture is less sharp than before the adapter was installed. The bare-bones menu doesn’t have an option to increase clarity, change color saturation or make any other of that type of adjustment. I just wish techie gurus would leave well enough alone. All too often their “improvements” are a bunch of crock.

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