7 Months on the Road Checking Off the Bucket List travel blog

As my hubby dreams of oysters and custom golf carts , I am trying to stay quiet. He did let me keep the curtain open a little for light and bought me some of that big money coffee.

We had lunch today with Betsy. I met her husband 33 years ago at my first job in the Marine industry. Dick knew and worked with him about 25 years and at one time they were even worked the same boat. He passed away last May. It was good to see her talk about Cliff and catch up. She' s a great lady with lots of interests still trying to find her way as a single and not a double.

Printing our boarding passes 5 minutes after we could instead of 9 hours moved us up 22 spots. Whoopee!

We can't leave for the airport too early because Dick saw a Saints store and it was all I could do to get him to " walk on by " promising him we'd go in on our way back. If I plan it right we will be in a hurry.

We each have one set of clean clothes for the trip home. So tonight we go to dinner looking a little worse for wear than when we put them on yesterday. I could change from these stretched out jeans with the Tabasco stain to my black arrival dockers. They are a fuzz magnet and look like a rolled in quilt clippings.

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