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Yesterday after fighting the ants and losing we set out to find Joann Fabrics. I had goggled it and was pretty sure I knew just how to get there. My direction ability has to do with visibly seeing the map and land marks. My husband uses actual directions north,south,east, and west sometimes even left and right. It was on W Sahara with one turn on Nellis. I was sure that the map indicated to turn right on Sahara go 5.5 miles turn left on Nellis. Dick said that right was east so we turned left and drove out of towns in to the mountains. Turned the truck around and headed back to the campground but first we stopped in a shopping plaza and I asked the girl at the dry cleaners if she knew where Nellis street was. It's on the other side of the Vegas strip. I only mention this because it may be the only time I was ever right about directions. We didn't continue my quest for Joann's because not only was it 1:00 and lunch time but Dick wanted to spend some quality time in his office. I spent the afternoon hauling everything out of the basement compartment ,spraying for ants ,and then putting everything back in.

Last night after walking back from Subway we stopped at the office to see if they had any ant traps. They didn't but said they would send someone over to spray the blacktop around the trailer. Not only did he come over right away but gave us a ride. This morning after an extensive search , no ants!

Today is our anniversary 17 years. We are going to a show we bought tickets for and dinner. It may even require that I wear my "dress up skirt". However the location is up the strip at the Mirage and will probably be a 3 to 4 mile excursion which requires tennis shoes, dockers and a fancy t-shirt.

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