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Action on the final day of the round robin at the Paralympic...


Inside the Swimming pool end of the new complex - pools were...

To the right of pool are television cables from broadcast centre. My...

Canucks game March 18th - at the bench

And a scuffle between teams ...

Roberto Luongo at work at our end

And they win!

During the Paralympics Malcolm only had to work the opening ceremony. I worked four shifts doing radio communications, this time at the Paralympic Centre (as they named it) at the new Curling/Swimming complex beside Nat Bailey Stadium and Queen Elizabeth Park. As a matter of fact, our workforce entry and break area was actually in the concession room below the ball park. My office was actually built out of temporary walls within the unopened pool complex, as were all the offices at the curling centre. We had the usual folding tables and chairs, but this time we were on a sloping tile floor inside one of the pools, and my seat was right beside the steps down into the pool. We also had a big water-park type shower fixture right over our heads. The police security office was right next door, so we had lots of great visits with the members stationed there. This time I was working with more volunteers, many of whom had worked in the same place during the Olympics, so they were more familiar with the day-to-day running of the events than I was. Transit was more difficult and much longer out in this part of the city, so for most of my shifts I actually drove in from Maple Ridge where we were staying, and found parking either on local school grounds (on the weekend) or on streets nearer the park with no parking restrictions on them. Malcolm and I had both come down with head colds, so he spent most of his time trying to get over his while I worked, and between times we tried to get ready for our next trip.

As a Christmas present we had received tickets from Malcolm's cousin Mark to the Vancouver Canucks game on March 18th, when we were both free (thankfully) We drove into Burnaby then used Skytrain to go to GM Place for the game. It was a great game, and we had a good time. The next day I went in to do my Friday shift. The ladies at work said they would cover my Saturday shift, so when I was released early by supper time on the Friday, I phoned Malcolm and we prepared to head out immediately on the second 1/2 of our great adventure. Yippee!

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