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A soggy landing in Roatan after a brief stop in Belize

Waiting out the rain at BJs

A photo with BJs two parrots

Dinner at home on the first night, smuggled Canadian steaks

Heading to Puky's for lunch, then to Hole in the Wall, despite...


lunch at Puky's and playing with Millyto the monkey



Lisa gets a taste of Bob's rum punch at Hole in the...


Posing at Hole in the Wall with Abagado

The girls brought candy for the local kids, thanks they said as...

Day 3 - We made it to West Bay beach




then we took a water taxi from West Bay to West End...

lunch at Sundowners

a little shopping

Angie and Don met us at Perry's floating bar in West End

then upstairs to Rick's to watch the sunset

Day #4 - To Marble Hill for lunch


and some jam tasting


and back home

then out to Calabash Bight - first to Turtlegrass to meet Mark...

then on to a birthday party and bonfire at Harmon's place


Chilling at the home front

Day #5 - We went to Parrot Tree Plantation to swim in...



We had lunch at the Palapa Restaurant by the beach


and enjoyed the great fresh water pool

Lisa coming down the water slide

catching some rays on one of the comfortable tanning beds



back home to relax while the Captain cooked us a lobster dinner



the full mooon

Eulina doing Betty's nails at BJs

Lisa having her tarot cards read at BJs

Alex and the Banditos

We left BJs and headed down island to The Sunshine Cafe in...

the sunset from the Sunshine Cafe

We danced the night away at the Blue Parrot in Sandy Bay

and spent the night at The Pirate

After counting down the days for over three months, finally the day came that Lisa and Betty arrived on our little island of Roatan. They flew in on Valentine's Day and I told them ahead of time to expect the unexpected when you come to the island.

Well sure enough, torrential rainfall closed the Roatan airport literally as their plane attempted to land. We actually heard the roar of jet engines as the landing was attempted but it was an aborted landing, due to the zero visibility and a very short, single runway at our quaint little airport.

Our company was flown to Belize, where they landed and sat on the runway for an hour. John and I hung around the airport, trying to get information, not an easy feat in Roatan. Lisa told us later that the pilot announced over the radio that they would be making another "attempt" to land in Roatan. Geez, how many attempts are they going to have to make, she wondered at the time.

Finally the plane landed and we ferried the girls out to the east end of the island to our little town of Oak Ridge. A stop at BJs was necessary while John baled the water from the boat and we waited for the heavy rain to stop. A second baling was necessary before we finally made it home and unloaded bags and girls on to a foot wide dock in the boat house with two excited dogs running around their feet.

"You mean we have to get in this boat every time we go somewhere?" Betty asked. Lisa had told me she didn't like boats and that first day I'd have to say she was right. By about day 4 I told someone that Betty didn't like boats and she piped up "I DO NOW".

So living here with us in WaterWorld for a week, we made a boater out of Betty and an islander out of Lisa, who I keep expecting to get a call from telling us to meet her at the airport. Oh yeah, she'll be back.

The Captain taxied and ferried us about the island all week and waited patiently while we laid on beaches and beside pools and shopped etc etc. He spoiled us with his great cooking and we enjoyed a whirlwind week.

I guess we played too hard because we both came down with a cold/flu and spent the next week recuperting. We're finally back to normal, well normal for someone who lives here in Roatan that is. Now that we are back to our regualar quiet routine, which is quite different than the busy, social week we enjoyed with Lisa and Betty, the fact that I have not found a publisher for my book yet is beginning to plague me.

What to do? Persist finding a publisher and/or literary agent, waiting month after month for a stream of rejection letters with the hope that one day I'll find "the one" or to self publish, to create an e book and market it myself. I just don't know what to do.

So if anyone reading this can help, if you are or know a publisher or literary agent, please help to bring "The Captain's Log - Diamond Lil Does the Loop" to life. I miss writing it and reading it and can't wait to share it with you.

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