Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

the windmill of the Moulin Rouge

enterance to the Moulin Rouge

the Sacre Coeur

fountain on the way up

view from part of the way up

view from the top

closer to the church

the enterance to the Sacre Coeur

Up, showered and had some breakfast downstairs before packing up and making the long trek back to the train station. Bought our seperate tickets and waited. Susanne is heading to the airport to fly back to London and I'm on my way to Paris!!! Turns out it's cheaper for me to buy a youth first class ticket then it is to buy a regular 2nd class ticket so I did that and I'm so happy I did!

Said bye to Susanne knowing it woulnd't be long before I see her again. Waited for my own train and got on. First class is so nice! I had a big seat to myself, a plug in by my seat. I got all settled into my seat and not long after that we got on our way when I discovered in first class you get a free meal and wine! Gotta love this train!!!

The train ride is short to get to Paris from Brussels, less then 2 hours. Once I got into Paris it was quite easy to navigate around. I got to my hostel without any problems except for a very busy metro system! Wasn't able to check in to my hostel for another 2 hours so I left my stuff in the lock up and went up to the Sacre Coeur which is only a block away!! This is where a lot of african men hang out trying to tie braclets onto your wrist for money even though you never wanted it to begin with.

Managed to avoid them and make my way up to the church. It started to pour rain so I sat down in the church and looked around and looked at my paris map to get a feel for the city. The rain wasn't stopping so I headed back down and headed into Paris' red light district....but only to see the Moulin Rouge.

Not nearly as impressive as I was expecting, but not really sure what I was expecting. I couldn't go inside as tickets were sold out and ridiculously expensive. Ended up heading back to the hostel after as the rain wasn't letting up. Finally able to check in and went up to the room.

I met July, a kiwi girl working in London and we chatted away and then Mary a Canadian lady joined us and the three of us went our for dinner. Had these amazing HUGE salads which had friend potatoe chips on top instead of croutons and we shared a bottle of wine and had some creme brulee for dessert. YUM!!!!

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