Michelle and Charlie's Around the World Trip 2004-2005 travel blog

old and new architecture in Dubai

the creek

surfing the permanent wave at Wild Wadi Waterpark

Burj al Arab - the only seven star hotel in the world

more Burj

one of the ambitious projects already under construction

After the incompetence we had encountered by Emirates Airline we were not expecting much from the flight. Surprise, surprise, it was actually the best flight we've been on so far. It was 14 hours but the excellent service and on board entertainment made it go by pretty quickly. There were literally hundreds of movies and tv shows to choose from. Charlie, who can't sleep on planes, watched 6 movies (I only watched 3). Better yet, the visa actually was taken care of and we breezed through immigration.

Dubai is a curious place to visit. You go there and book a hotel so you can go and look at other hotels. They try to add other attractions like golf courses, horse races, concerts, etc., but really what everyone wants to see is the cutting edge architecture, especially at the "seven star" Burj al Arab hotel. What the city sadly is missing is an architecture oriented tour. There are multiple general city tours, but nothing focusing on the tremendous buildings already built and in the process of being started, including the planned Burj Dubai which is going to be an enormous 700 meters (over 2000 feet). They are also constructing islands for apartments in the shape of a palm tree and are planning on another similar project where the artificial islands would give the shape of a world map.

We did two thing here- went on a city tour and spent some time at a water park. The park was good fun, but frankly its marketing was bigger than its rides.

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