Trolley tour of the city


Harbor view

Art displays all around the harbor, this one is a bike

1898 Victorian Steam Ferry the Berkeley

Maritime Museum

Star of India

Another view

More art

More art


Incredible tree

Convention Center

The Westin


Horton Plaza


Petco Park while riding in the trolley

Bridge crossing the bay

View from the bridge

View from the bridge

View from the bridge

View from the bridge

View from Coronado Island

This fantastic home was moved here by water!!

Coronado Beach

Another view

Coronado Hotel


These beautiful trees are all over the city

Doggy park we plan to take Ollie to :-)

Balboa Park

Beautiful buildings

Museum Of Art

Victorian Home


Colorful buildings near Little Italy

Another view

We got off here

Outside dining just like the real Italy

We stopped here for lunch

We had ours outside

Pizza with pesto, smoked chicken and sun-dried was awesome!

More walking around Little Italy

You could see San Diego Bay from Little Italy

We loved it and will go back

The flowers reminded us of Anchorage, Alaska

Jerry waiting on me and my camera to catch up :-)

Waiting for the trolley

Last one!

There is so much to see and do in San Diego, we decided to take a tour. The tour we chose gave us the option to stay on for the full tour, or get on and off as we chose. It was perfect for us because we have seen a lot of the city already, it gave us a great introduction to the places we have missed.

The tour started in Old Town San Diego and took us to about 30 places with 11 stops to get off and explore. We stayed on and enjoyed all the history about the city. The longer we are in San Diego, the more we see there is to do. :-)

We were really impressed with the Star of India Ship. It was launched in 1863 and has made 21 trips around the world. She is the oldest ship in the world that still maintains a regular sailing schedule. She has been greeting visitors on the San Diego waterfront for more than 75 years.

I took a bunch of pictures, but most were taken while on the bus, so please excuse the glares etc. After going to most of the areas on the tour, we got off in Little Italy to have lunch. We enjoyed the area much and plan to go back later. We learned a lot and it was well worth the $30. More later from San Diego.

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