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Val took me home this afternoon. There were several things that I really needed to attend to, one of which was to run my generator to exercise it.

A home health nurse arrived just about the same time as we did. She took my vital signs and health history. She will arrange for physical and occupational therapists and aides to visit me for a few weeks.

John and Karen Enterline arrived a few minutes later. John went to the office to see if he could borrow a lawn mower to mow my little plot of grass but the park manager did it himself. They wanted me to go home with them to spend a few more days recuperating but I decided that I would try staying at home at least one night. Karen took my dirty duds to wash for me.

Martha Boswell came a little while later and brought me a nice meatloaf dinner. I think some gremlins must have hitched a ride with her because, all of a sudden, my refrigerator stopped working. Aarrgghh!!! I just didn't feel like troubleshooting so Martha went looking for Bob, the park manager, to help me. She went nearly all over the park looking for him and many of the residents tried to help her. I felt really bad that this happened to her but she was a real trooper. Thankfully, the problem was simple and Bob found it quickly; a fuse was not making good connection. Once he plugged it in securely, the refrigerator bounced back to life.

Alter all that excitement, I was tired so I went to bed for a while. I got back up around ten o'clock and ate a little bit.

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