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wacky fountain

waffle van!!!!

hangin in our hotel room

Susanne taking random photos haha

She got trapped in the computer

Susanne eating her birthday waffle

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happy birthday

So to start off this morning I went down to the showers to change and all of a sudden there was something in my mouth, which turned out to be part of my good bride. A piece of it somehow chipped off. Yep I'm sure you can imagin my reaction to this.

So after a bit of a panic we ate breakfast, packed up and headed to the train station again. On our train there was a big group of girls all dressed up for a stag (keep in mind it's 9:30am) The bride was wearing a white wig and got on a megaphone and was saying something to everyone but again we couldn't understand what she was saying and then all of a sudden she started to dust the train haha.

We got off the train in Brussels and the directions to our hotel were the worst directions ever. Nothing matched up and we wandered around for a bit before asking a metro guy who got us half way there. Then we had to catch a tram and a local guy helped us out with that and then more confusion. More asking help at metro station and we finally found the place!!!

It looks really posh inside but it was quite a cheap budget hotel. So we checked in and our room had 2 beds but they were pushed together so we laughed about that. But the best thing is we have our own bathroom and shower. Went for a walk around after relaxing a bit and stopped for some lunch and looked at some shops. We aren't very impressed by Brussels. We don't really like it. It's like a big city anywhere else.

It wasn't very nice out (raining) so we headed back to the room and vegged out and Susanne's mom called to wish her a happy birthday. We went out for dinner and then went to get some waffles for dessert for Susanne's birthday. I gave Susanne her Hungarian magic box at dinner. It's a small box with a secret way to open it and get a key that opens the lock. I almost forgot how to do it haha.

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