Our first stop was the Tidepools at Point Loma

Vickie & Sammy

Jerry & Vickie on the rocks by the pool

Climbing down

Almost there :-)

Jerry :-)


Sammy & Grandma

Our next stop was the Cabrillo Monument

Sammy with a view of the lighthouse

Vickie & Sammy with San Diego Harbor in the background

Jerry, Vickie & Sammy Cabrillo Monument

Grandpa, Grandma & Sammy at Cabrillo

Boats in San Diego Harbor

Sammy getting his Souvenir


Jerry, Vickie & Sammy

Sammy on rock

Next stop, swimming at Coronado Beach


Coronado walkway

Another view

Another view

Sammy at Coronado Beach

Another view

Sammy loves the beach :-)

Sammy & Grandpa

Vickie & Sammy

Sammy was not ready to go yet :-)

It was a cool place to visit, just gorgeous!

Bird of Paradise



Vickie taking photos of the flowers


Our next stop was Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

Another view

Imperial Beach Pier

Another view

Mexico in the distance


Tijuana Slough

As far as you can go on Coronado Island, with Mexico in...

We have had another fabulous day in San Diego. We took Vickie and Sammy on a mini tour of Point Loma and Coronado Island.

Vickie and Jerry enjoyed climbing down to view the tidepools while Sammy and I watched the boats sailing by in the Pacific. We also visited the Cabrillo Memorial and then headed to Coronado Island.

Sammy is a Kentucky boy, and does not get a lot of time to swim at the beach. He loves it and had a wonderful time. We took him to the beach right behind the Coronado Hotel. It was fabulous!!!

After we left the beach we drove around the island as far as you can go. We could see Mexico in the distance with helicopters guarding the border. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. More later from San Diego.

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