Getting tickets for the ferry to Coronado

Tree Fairy

We boarded the Cabrillo




Sammy & Vickie

View of the city

Another view

Kiss before going to sea, cool!

Jerry took this one of me through the glass :-)


We stayed on and went back to the harbor

Sammy being sketched

Vickie's turn ;-)

Our next stop was La Jolla so Vickie could get more seal...

Sammy went swimming at La Jolla

We saw a ton of Pelicans

A beautiful place to swim

Sammy checking out the water

Sammy checking out the cave :-)

More swimming

The water was a bit too rough

We decided to let him swim back home in the safe pool...

Last one!

Today we decided to take the ferry to Coronado Island. We wanted to get some great views of the city from the water. We only paid $6.50 each. We have already visited Coronado Island, so we just stayed on the ferry and rode back. It was a great way to see the city from the water. When we got back Vickie and Sammy had their pictures sketched. He did a great job on Sammy but had a bit too much exaggeration with Vickie. :-)

After the sketch was finished, we decided to go back to La Jolla Beach. Vickie wanted to get better pictures of the seals. When we went last time it was a bit overcast. She got some great pictures of the seals, and then took Sammy to the beach. Sammy loves the beach and wanted to swim again. It is a gorgeous beach with the seals swimming in sight but the currents were a bit too rough. We decided he would be much safer swimming in the pool at our campsite. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. More later from San Diego.

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