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As I sit here with my glass of wine it occurs to me that this entry could have been labeled many different things. Today was our last day in the park, and as before, we took up where we had left off, at the Broken Top trailhead. This trail, 1.8 miles in length, goes around a cinder cone. On one side is where all the cinders blew in the wind and accumulated. On the other side we could look across the Broken Top lava flow and the Blue Dragon lava flow. The latter was so named because of the blue sheen and the spikey fragments. The blue sheen is caused by an ultra thin layer of glass that formed on the lava. Although we could not see the blue as well from this overlook, we do have some good pictures of it in other areas. Also on this trail are the Buffalo Caves. We did not climb down into these caves as the path was really just a jumble of rocks. Further on the actual cinder path ended and we were guided across the top of the lava field by tall metal poles. So fun! I felt like a kid again!

Our last stop for the day was the caves area. These caves are actually in the Blue Dragon flow. It was advertised as being able to walk over, under and through the lava field, and we did! The first cave on the .8 mile trail was Dewdrop Cave. Again, we decided not to climb down the jumble of rocks into the cave. But the second cave was the Indian Tunnel, which began much more user friendly with a few stairs. That is, before it also disintegrated into rocks. There was a fairly large open area, then we followed the rocks, over and around to the other end of the tunnel, where we had to crawl up through an opening. And then we were guided across the lava field back to the path. Near this opening were several man made rings. These were made by the Shoshone, although no one knows for sure the significance of them. The next cave was the Boy Scout cave. This is another one we declined to enter since you had to crawl in on hands and knees. Maybe 50 years ago, but not today! The last is the Beauty Cave, which I clambered in while Don waited outside. This one was not so spectacular, just a shallow cave.

It was a good day, and we are sad to leave, but it is time for a new adventure. Next will be the Tetons, and friends John and Sue.

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