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This afternoon John and Karen were back. I think some gremlins hitched a ride with them, too.

John was going to take my car to have its annual inspection done but -- alas! -- the battery was dead. Karen dug around in one of my storage bins to pull out my jumper cables. Of course, they were at the very back! She was able to push little Sweet Pea to the street so John could hook up the cables to their truck. It started with no trouble. However, he took the cables with him in case it wouldn't start at the inspection station. That battery is only six months old. The car hadn't been driven for just the three weeks I was in the hospital so that shouldn't have caused the problem.

Gremlin attack #2: The car failed the emissions test because it had been jump started. I will have a wait a few days for it to reset before we can try again. I'm really not sure what that has to do with it. At least John was able to have the oil and filter changed.

While John was gone, Karen assembled my shower stool and helped me pack up my stuff to take to their house. Karen drove my car to their house.

How can I be so blessed with so many wonderful friends?! I'm so grateful for all of them.

John and Karen went to their home group meeting tonight. I sorted my mail and watched a little TV before getting onto the Internet.

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