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Today was a interesting day. We started out by going to Mount Rushmore. You just would not believe how big those heads are until you see them. Donald had talked to a man the other night at one of the campgrounds that said here enjoyed Crazy Horse best of all. We stopped and it was $10 a piece. I feel like if there had been a place to turn around Donald would not have gone in but we were there so enter we did. We were so glad we did. They showed a film about the Man who had started this in 1947 and he died in 1987 so now 7 of his 10 kids are still working on it. The face is all they have done. There is 5 big buildings with all kinds of Indiana stuff in it. We spent at least 3 hours looking around there.

We finally moved on and thought maybe we would not see any animals but thank goodness we finally did. Fist we saw two mountain goats, a little one and its mom, then we came up on a place where there was a bunch of cars stopped. When we got up there we saw that little Burros were all over the place. They would come right up to your car. Saw some of them with there heads stuck in car windows. Moving along we came upon a herd of Buffalo. They were real close to the road. We saw some antelope but didn't get a good picture because they blend in with the grass.

We drove 85 miles today and it was a great drive.

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