Hey Kids, What Time Is It? (Shouting) "Showtime!"

And Toss the Trainer(He's About to Dunk It!)

And Have a Ball!

Singing Too?!

And a Bow From the Sea Lions

Nida-Old Fishing? Village

Tim and the Dunes

Mari Biologizing Below the Dunes - Nida

Leaving early again we go by bus to this fine little city on the Klaipedian Lagoon, the largest body of fresh water in Lithuania. The hostel is about 50 m. from where we get off the bus! What a treat, here by 10:30 am and then we spend the rest of the day exploring, going across the lagoon by 15 min. ferry to a penninsula/wildlife preserve which is mostly Lithuania but the southern half is held by Russia!?! Mari here. Kalingrad, formerly Kongigsberg, where the Prussian kings were crowned also where Imanuel Kant, the German philosopher, is buried. I learned a lot from my seat mate, an older gentleman, on the bus down to Nida. We spoke German, second language for both of us, but we had a wonderful conversation. He is a photographer of black and white landscapes, ala Ansel Adams. He gave me some postcards of his photos, one of which was his first taken in 1938. Back to Tim. We go to a really fine dolphin/sea lion show, very enjoyable...I guess we're kids at heart. Then by bus for an hour ride to "fishing" village now tourist town, Nida. Thomas Mann, the Nobel Prize winner, lived here, where the sand dunes rival the ones in China in height, almost...a great view of the entire area 360 degrees...lagoon, pine forest, more sand dunes(also, knapweed and baby's breath - taste of home, ha!). And lots of blue/green algae in the water.

In Lithuania, older houses are mostly wooden, New England kind of but very small with steep pitch or flat roof...other than the communist gray cement apts, others are a white or cement brick, still small compared to other houses we've seen in countries S...coming into Kaunas and lvg. is 4 lane hwy - these are rare in E. Europe altho we have seen much construction of what looks to be more of these monsters in the future...looks like they want to accomodate individual cars now! Sad, because as of now all of the E. European countries have have very good to excellent public transport - buses & train systems with stations usually right next to one another...far better than anything in the US for city & intercity travel, but then gas prices are $4.50-5.00 a gallon as well!

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