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The view of Punta Blanca from the upper deck

'The Crows Nest' is a good name for the restaurant, it feels...



John and Alex

Mark and Lori (back) and their newest marina guests Charlotte and Patrick

a new family we met from the east end

Rosalie and Bob from Sandy Bay (winter) and BC (summer)

Mark and Barbara

hard at work in the kitchen

view from the washrooms

the bar

Kelly. left and Jeannie and her husband

Lori and me on the upper deck


Last time we went dancing at Hayo's this young tourist got locked...

There was no shortage of helpful men waiting to catch the pretty...

When one of the gang posts on Fb asking who wants to plan a lunch at Marble Hill, the response is always positive. New Years Day was no exception and we had a good crowd for our NY lunch. New Years Eve was quiet this year with John and I walking down to our neighbour Sandy's place for a couple of drinks. We were home by 7:30 and I was in bed reading by 9. We didn't see midnight, but once again, like Christmas Eve, we heard fireworks and revellers carrying on ALL night long. Surely the firework supplies must be dwindling, we surely hope so. Soon it will be time to wash the salt off our Christmas lights and remove them from Diamond Lil.

As I write this at 8:10 a.m. our skies are clear and sunny, the air is cool and fresh and the temperature is expected to rise to 82 degrees today. Directly across from me, out my starboard side windows, I have a view of the house with the sun streaming across the palm trees. There is almost no breeze and a light coating of dew sparkles in the sun on our plants and flowers. Reflections from the sun on the wavelets ripple across the boat house to my right. Behind me, out my port side window, I hear the racket of dories coming and going in the morning rush hour and out our back window, behind where John sites, I just noticed the woman who works at a tiny gas station located our neighbour's dock being dropped off to open up. She is an attractive Spanish woman who sits perched in her small building all day long with her laptop in front of her, listening to music and doing the things that we all do every day on our computers. When Joe arrives and codes our modem she'll be bored to death I suspect.

My first order of business today is heading up the hill to a fairly new grocery store called Roymart to buy a graham cracker pie shell to make a key lime pie for the dinner party we are invited to tonight. There are none to buy in our town of Oak Ridge and before Roymart opened we would have to drive an hour down island to buy such a thing. After dinner there is a gang planning to go dancing at Hayo's, a little bar down in Jonesville so it will be a late night for us, compared to our usual bed time of 8 or 9 pm. The Banditos play at BJs on Saturday and we have a bbq to go to at Pooky's on Sunday. Island Life, gotta love it!

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