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Whew, we're outta practice! ! ! Packing up took us an extra hour this morning, for two reasons, care in not missing anything for our usual packing AND Ice! Yes, ice had packed up on a slideout topper and wouldn't let the kitchen slide come all the way in. Dave, got the big ladder out of the truck, climbed up to inspect the ice and found that the ice was over a half inch thick and tough. So with a small hammer he "chunked" it all up to take care of it. The slide came in as usual then we're off on down the road.

Longtime readers know that our traveling standards dictate that we "usually" go SOUTH of I-10 for the winter, NORTH of I-90 for the summer. We use the shoulder seasons, spring and fall to move between those zones. So now that we're 300 miles more south than we were before, it's nice a warm here, 70's. Aahh...

Leaving Augusta we went straight south on Hwy 25, then making a few other transitions and eventually getting to Tallahassee RV Park on I-10, 338 miles later! With a real fast setup on a pull thru site we went to bed early.

We found this park to be easy to get to, clean, well managed, friendly, but a little pricey for overnight at $50. We'll come back only if necessary.

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