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I was up before 5:00 this morning, anxious to get started toward Hannibal. Marilyn continued to doze peacefully as I sneaked out of bed and went to the living room.

I turned the fireplace on to take the slight chill off, and make it cozy and comfy for my bride. Sometimes she won’t get out of bed until the temperature is to her liking.

We took time to share our morning coffee and then got busy, getting things ready for the road.

Soon we had things tucked away, disconnected, hooked up and were ready to go.

After our last-minute walk-around inspection we pulled out of the RV Park at 7:30 AM. Because of a bridge being closed, we detoured around the construction and were on the interstate at 7:45.

We pulled into the Mark Twain Cave Campground at 12:55, just as the GPS had predicted.

We shared hugs with the gals at the cave and then were assigned Site F-23, which we had summer before last.

We have nice views and once I get busy with the lawn mower we’ll have a nice yard too.

That will be fine for the grandkids.

We were set up by 2:00 PM but still have a lot to do before we call it “done”.

As I began setting up I noticed that our small level which I had attached to the front of the RV to give me a “side to side” level indication, had disappeared. Gone! Kaput!

It was there in Topeka but gone today! Oh well, just like money, gone in the blink of an eye.

I’ll pick up a new one at WalMart tomorrow or sometime soon.

We ordered pizza to take out to the kids house and picked those up at 4:30.

I’ll have to locate my digital antenna so that we can watch TV.

I know it is in the Van we left here but have no time to get to that little project today. Tomorrow for sure!

OK we are off to pick up that pizza I mentioned. Big hugs for the kids and grandkids. It will be pretty late by the time we get back so I’ll post this now and add pictures later.

Life is Good!

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