Views on the way to Torrey Pines Reserve

The Beach

Beautiful sandy beach

Another view

They had a lot of trails in the park


Some of the rare Torrey Pine trees


Walk to a view of the Pacific

Another snake warning, we have only seen one so far..

We saw a lot of these tiny flowers

Jerry waiting on me to catch up :-)

Rare Pine info


Torrey Pine

Another view

Heading back down the mountain

Looking down

Another view

Another view

Cactus in the shape of a tree

Almost back down to sea level

Another view

It was a very popular place, just beautiful!!

Last was a stop for lunch....yummy Red Snapper

Our time in San Diego is coming to a close. We are trying to make sure we see all of the places we had planned. We are considering taking a tour of Rosarito Beach in Mexico, but are still a bit apprehensive. They are saying the safe way is by tour bus, so we may go that route. Safety in numbers. :-)

Today we visited Torrey State Beach and Torrey Pines State Reserve. Torrey Pines State Reserve is a wilderness island in an urban sea. This fragile environment is the home of our nation's rarest pine tree - Pinus torreyana. Once this tree covered a larger area. It now grows only here and on Santa Rosa Island off the coast near Santa Barbara.

The cost was only $8 per car. We enjoyed walking down the beautiful trails and enjoying the views. The beach is awesome and is very easy to get to. We highly recommend this area, it was absolutely stunning. More later from San Diego.

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