Holland Motor Homes

Going in for repair

Our campsite in the parking lot :-)

Are they done yet?

We are suppose to be near Yosemite by now, but we are still in San Diego. We are parked in a parking lot at Holland Motor Homes for repair. We started to smell something burning in our breaker box. A couple of the wires were hot and sizzling. Not good!

We called around and several people recommended Holland Motor Homes for repair work. The have a great service department and decided to fit us in, even though they were really booked with many scheduled ahead of us. They took a look at it yesterday and scheduled it for work today. They started on it this morning around eight and finished around three this afternoon. They found a lot of loose wires and breakers that needed to be replaced.

We are staying again tonight to make sure everything is okay. They want us to run both air conditioners and turn all the electric items on full blast to make sure nothing gets hot again. So far, so good. :-) We are hoping to leave in the morning after the final check. More later from California, hopefully closer to Yosemite. :-)

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