LA Traffic

Fire in LA

Helicopter helping put the fire out

The infamous "Grapevine" :-)

It is in the Angeles National Forest

We saw a lot of over-heated cars

Trucks over-heated

A terrible truck wreck

Cars were backed up for miles

It was a beautiful drive, but a very hard one :-)

Olive trees

We saw a lot of oil wells in the area too

We stopped at Orange Grove RV for the night

Cool Old West design

Country Store

Nice pool

Huge sites

Our campsite

Another view

Last one!

We finally left the repair shop around noon today and headed toward Yosemite. Our drive though Los Angeles was a breeze - compared to the first time we drove through with the motorhome. We listened to our GPS this time and it took us right though. We saw a huge fire off the interstate but never heard the details. We could see the helicopters helping to put the fire out. We also drove over what is called the "Grapevine". It is a stretch of road that climbs to over 4,000 in elevation really fast and is extremely hard on trucks and even cars. We saw a lot of cars over-heated. They even have huge water tanks available about every 1/2 mile for help. Jerry said of all the places we have traveled, this one was a "monster". We made it over fine, but he does not want to drive it again. :-)

We also saw a bad wreck in the opposite lane. The cars were backed up for miles trying to get across. We felt sorry for those people, it must have taken hours to get through. We drove on to Bakersfield, CA and got a huge pull thru site at Orange Grove RV Park. It is located right in the middle of a beautiful orange grove with tons of oranges about to ripen. They even allow you to pick them when they are in season but we are a bit too early. We will be sleeping for the night and pulling our early morning. More later from California.

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