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HIstoric Buildings

This one is for sale

Ah.... Banking and Coffee

Bastrop is just about 30 miles of Austin, Tx. It is a historical town that two of our MOC friends, Myrna and Bob (Imp) live in during the winter months. We had hoped to see them before they left for the state of Washington but we didn't get here in time. Not to worry, we went there anyway.

Bastrop is actually the second town established in Texas and was almost the State Capital but came in second behind Austin in a State Capital Contest in 1839. The town is full of National Historic Homes and Buildings as well as having a great River Walk on the Colorado River. It is hard to believe that this is the same river we see in Colorado and Arizona but it winds so much that it goes through Austin and Bastrop too.

As usual, we went to the Visitors Centre first thing and that was a neat surprise. It was in the lobby of the 1889 First National Bank. What a cool place. Bill really had a good time going behind the teller's window and seeing what all was there........

Next we went for a walk on the river walk. It was beautiful and well worth all the steps we had to climb. Here I was surprised to find bamboo trees everywhere. I kept on looking for the Panda Bears.

A further walk along the streets brought us to many old historic buildings that have been kept up quite well. A heck of a lot better then any of us will after almost 200 years.

The rest of Bastrop is a very modern city and you can find just about anything you need. At least we could this week because we found a Starbucks Coffee that is so new we wound up getting the best Mocha Frapp we have ever had. We sipped it all the way back to Austin. But that will be another whole story..........................................

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