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The weather was supposed to be warmer today, so we decided to take a break from lava rocks. Larry and Debby are from Salmon, about 3 hours north of here, so told us about the next town north, Mackay. It is an old mining town. Mackay’s Mine Hill is the most significant part of the Alder Creek Mining District. Ore was first discovered in 1879, meaningful production began in 1884 and continued into the 1980’s. Almost a million tons of ore have been removed, primarily copper, but also zinc, lead, silver and gold. There is a museum in town, but it was closed. There is also a self-guided driving tour of the hill. Part of the roads are suitable for all vehicles, part for 4-wheel drive, and the rest for ATVs only. We began our tour, but were only able to go part of the way, as they were working on some of the roads. We did go part of the way on one road that was pretty dicey for our long bed truck, so did turn around when we found (luckily) an appropriate spot. Nevertheless, we were able to get our mountain and 4-wheel drive fix for a while.

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