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California Sea Lion

Making some noise

Nearby Jetty covered with Sea Lions


Boat coming in Newport Harbor

Hey Move over! I was here first! Ow!

All talking at once!

Marine Science Center Tide Pool

Sea Cucumber. When they get excited they regurgitate their stomach. Me too!

Ti will be the next Little Mermain Villaness, Ursula II

Geocaching with Ti

We drove to Newport on the coast today to have lunch with our friends from Alaska, Tricia, Steve and their daughter Tiaya. They were driving down the coast on their way to Arizona for the winter. We happened to get to town the same time they did. Good timing! We had a great lunch at the Chowder Bowl then took a drive to the Historic Bayfront to see the California Sea Lions that hang out on the boat docks there. Amazingly large and loud critters. They can sleep in what looks to be very uncomfortable positions. Anytime a newcomer attempts to climb up on the dock, or “dog pile” they all get stirred up barking, showing their teeth and irritating each other. It is a wonder they can get any sleep at all!

We also stopped by Oregon State University’s Marine Science Center where both Tricia and I had done some school work, quite a few years ago. One of my projects there involved prepping a skeleton for assembly. It was a Minke Whale. I took the bones to a car wash and used the high pressure hose to clean them. It did a great job. But the state police came by since the whale bones are federally protected. I did have permission from the school so it was fine in the end. Glad they were keeping watch! That skeleton now hangs over the doorway to the library at the Marine Science Center.

A couple of quick geocaches and it was time to say goodbye. Steve had a terrible cold and was ready to curl up in his camper and sleep. They camped nearby and we drove back to Scio. A quick but fun day. Any day at the beach is a good day!

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