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Yesterday I set out to write and realized everything that came out of my brain was whinny. No one wants to read cranky lady rumblings so I erased the entry and went to sleep.

55 north from New Orleans to Grenada, MS is one of the most scenically boring stretches of road in America. It reveals I10 across west Texas. We stopped to get fuel and the gas station had a Krystal burger. I have gone my entire life without having a meal from one. Yesterday was the day. Small greasy burgers, limp fries, and a watered down fountain drink, yum! My hubby loved them.

Before we left New Orleans I couldn't find my prescription sun glasses. So I had no sun relief for the 4 1/2 hour drive. Arrived with a head ache. Keep in mind our rental car is an economy size Ford Fiesta. Just like sitting in a go cart for 300 miles. Are you starting to see why I erased the entry?

I am excited to go to Laura's wedding and see the Holliday clan. Chas is staying with us for the weekend and it's always good to see him.

It's 9:19 am and Dick is snoring his way through all the time zone changes and with the day light saving change tonight, I may never be regular again!

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