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Today we went to the north outlet mall. It was decided that we would drive instead of taking the bus because we have done so well in the past finding locations with the truck. Not too bad,! We did miss our exit and got a little closer to Salt Lake City, Utah than necessary but got turned around and managed to park. found my shoes ,on sale and headed back to the park. That' s where we went astray. They were filming part of a movie at " Naughty Nudies " which meant , detour. It turns out all the noise and fire works the other night was the same movie being filmed.

Our T-shirt collection has grown to 9. I have stood in line for 3 more free shows., comedian, hypnotist, and another comic magician. We collect 3 more t-shirts with the ticket stubs. This has become a full time job. It only works because we're here such a long time. They always tell me "there is no free seating left for tonight "and I say "that's OK we're here another two weeks. "

Thank-you for all your email comments. Many of you I haven't met and many of you know me well. Yes, for those who don't know me this is really how we live. For those who do know me , I am having a blast. Yes, Sharon I have seen every version of Elvis you can imagine.

The Saints won! Happy husband !

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