Danny and Anna's Round The World Trip 2005 travel blog

I still don't know where they are taking me

Waiting for dinner

Views of Cathedral, hospitals and Swan River

My leaving present - work in progress

Jeremy, Me, Lyeta, Anna & Anna

The 2 Anna's and Jeremy

Anna reporting:

Completely oblivious of what had been going on the day before, the only intrigue that I was aware of surrounding my last day was where we were going to for lunch. Secrets are pretty much unheard of as we are all such blabbermouths but the girls did good and I only realised where we were going to when we arrived at St Martin's Tower with C, a revolving restaurant on it's 33rd floor.

I was already bowled over by having my goodbye lunch in such an awesome setting only to be presented with a fab collage to commemorate my time in PPSG. So that's what all those meetings with Nikki were about! Maryati aside we all loved the views of the City. And new boy Nick became a true member of the team when Viki blessed him nickname "Sunshine" -he soon realised he had got off lightly with Viki's being Fog Horn Leg Horn and mine Squirrel.

Big thank you to everyone for making my last day at Freehills one to remember - I'll miss you all and had a great time working with you.

Danny reporting:

My workload for the day was thankfully very light. I have got my trainees up to speed and head out the door with knowledge of some new systems, some good memories and new friends found.

A few beers in the pub after fun at the Qantas office re-arranging tickets and dinner with some colleagues and Anna finished off the last day of work in Perth. Yippee roll on Exmouth. Cheers people at JDV for making my time there enjoyable.

Day 188 complete

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