Info about the was incredible!!

Views from outside the restaurant..


A cool advertisement picture from the restaurant...

We had more than our share of these..:-)

The view from our table...incredible..:-)

The restaurant has glass windows so everyone can have a view while...

Our table was second from the front...awesome..

Starting to get cloudy...

Cloudy view of people on the beach...

Last one from the restaurant...:-)

Whale Watching Center in Depoe Bay..



Another view of the Whale Watching Center..

Last one, don't miss Depot Bay...:-)

We went back to Depoe Bay today, it is known as the“Whale Watching Capital of the Oregon Coast”. There is a resident pod of gray whales off Depoe Bay from March through December. Visitors from everywhere come to whale watch either from the new Whale Watch Center, the many shore observation spots or you can take a charter out for a closer look.

Depoe Bay has the smallest natural navigable harbor in the world consisting of six square acres. Because of the proximity to the ocean, fishermen or whale watchers can be from dockside to viewing or fishing in a matter of minutes. We saw several whales while visiting the last time with Betty, Vickie, and Sam.

A huge sea wall runs the length of the downtown area which enables visitors to shop or dine always within view of the ocean. This is the only town on the entire coast with this amenity. We have parked here many times and enjoyed looking for whales or just enjoying the beauty. We will be checking out some of the geocaches hidden in the area too, it was too cloudy today. This town is not to be missed, just by itself.

Our visit today was to have the seafood buffet at the Surfrider Inn at the Clarion Hotel. This was one of the BEST seafood buffets we ever had, plus.. the views from the restaurant were incredible. I hope you enjoy the pictures, some were a bit cloudy. Don’t miss this restaurant if you are anywhere near Depot Bay. Check back later for more updates from the beautiful Oregon Coast.

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