Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Beautiful Brugge

an important building haha

more building

old buildings

walking into the main square

ooooh the tower

buildings in the square

the tower as the sun was setting

square full of people

Had some breakfast at the hostel and then we headed over to the train station. We had to change trains in Antwerp but on the train they made an announcementin english for us to change trains at another train station. So we got off the train along with all the other confused tourists. We somehow managed to get to the right platform and landed ourselves in Brugge. We knew we had to take a bus to our hostel but we stopped to get a map first. While waiting for the bus we met 2 american guys going to the same hostel so we stuck together. We did get off at the wrong stop but between the 4 of us we managed to walk there (it wasn't that far).

Got checked in and changed after being all sweaty from walking with the backpacks. Then we went for a walk into town. Brugge is a really pretty city. It feels more like a town though. We looked in at some shops, got some belgium chocolate and watched some candy makers at a store called Zucherro. It was lots of fun watching them shape and form liquid candy eventually into hard candy. We got to try some while it was still a bit warm. Yum!

We stopped for coffee at a cafe and enjoyed the evening sun. Headed back to the hostel and had a shower and then headed out in search of dinner. But by that time it was getting late and everything was closing or really expensive so we ended up heading back to the hostel and eating down at the hostel bar/restaurant. Our room was right above the bar so we didn't get any sleep at all.

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