We got our first hug and a big welcome from Joan

Our tour guide Arjorie, she took us all over the park in...

One of the sites in the park

Huge clubhouse

Western decorations

Clubhouse deck

Acorn Woodpecker, they are all over the park

We are having an awesome time staying at the Escapee High Sierra Park. The people are friendly and the park is just fantastic. We were told when we arrived, not to worry about paying until we left. That was a first for us. :-)

The price to be in the park is only $15 daily or $340 for the monthly rate. We chose to stay for a month, but really wish we had even more time. It is one of the best parks we have stayed in so far.

It was founded in the 80's and was entirely designed and built by volunteer full-time RVers. They have 254 spacious lots on winding, hilly roads, retaining most of the native oak-pine and manzanita vegetation. They have a huge 15,000 square-foot clubhouse with a library, laundry, crafts room, billiards room, and a wifi and TV area, plus an exercise room and a huge deck in the back. We love sitting on the deck and just watching the birds.

We highly recommend this park to anyone in the area. More later from California.

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