Ollie waiting while we get the chairs out of the car

The water was cold to him at first

He finally just dove in

Jerry dives in

Ollie enjoys swimming beside Jerry

Ollie gets tired and comes in for a rest, he is 11...


Waves from a passing boat

Ollie goes after a stick

Got it!

Another rest time, he had several of them ;-)

Ollie standing in the water

Our next stop was the local market

Another view

Beautiful berries

The Shopping Village at Bass Lake

The Marina

Post Office

Last one, a waterfall near the lake

Today was Ollie day. :-) We took him back to Bass Lake and let him loose. He went in and out of the water so many times, we could not keep up. We enjoyed watching him from our comfortable chairs for a while, then Jerry decided to dive in too.

I went in next, but Ollie would not let me swim alone. He has loved to swim since he was a puppy. The only problem is when I swim, he wants me to hold him up in the water. I don't know why, but he has always done this. Even when we swim in the ocean, he will follow me and jump the waves until he catches me and then wants me to hold his front paws while he stands. I never got a chance to let go and relax, but it was Ollie day, so all was well. :-)

After we all were tired of swimming, we went to the local market where they had a ton of flowers, fruit, and vegetables on display from 4 - 7 P.M. We got some beautiful blackberries and strawberries.

More later from California.

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