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Entrance to Veniceon Shopping Center

Nice view

They better hurry or they will get really wet

We all had to move quickly to the other side

Lunch Spot of the Day at Bonita Beach

Our frinds Bill and Diane

Outside the restaurant

The view up toward Fort Myers Beach

These people braved the cold

On the Isle of Capri

Let me start out by saying Happy Birthday to my little Great Grandson who is 1 year old today... If your mom and daddy are reading this I hope they give you special hugs from us.

Oh Wow! Who turned off the heat? Now matter where I look, I see unusually cold weather all over the US.. Naples is usually 70-80 degrees right now but the highs for the next week are only to get to the low 60’s… Now I’m not really complaining since 60’s and sun sure beat what you are all going thorough in the North but Florida grows so much of the things that you are getting in the grocery stores up north and the freeze warnings could mean a huge loss the economy just when we need it least.

Well the weather hasn’t stopped our great time in Naples but it did give us a nice relaxing afternoon and evening on New Years Day.. We started our day driving along the coast to one of my favorite shopping centers called The Veniceon (sp). It was a sorta nice day in the morning but just when we started to have our lunch outdoors the clouds rolled in and it a few minutes the sky’s opened up with a vengeance…. Everyone scrambled to move their food to a dry location. We got by fine but when we finished eating the rain was still coming down in buckets… Well so much for shopping in an outdoor market.. We made a mad dash for the truck and headed back towards home to wait out the rain.. We made a quick stop at the grocery store and didn’t get too wet since by now we had our umbrella’s. Once we got back to our campsite it was time for a much needed nap. Bill got the couch first so I played on the computer while he slept. It was so nice just relaxing after the pace we had been going that we snuggled in for the rest of the evening in front of the fireplace and watched movies on the DVD and eating our dinner which was nothing more than bowls of oatmeal.. Gee we needed that.

Saturday we were refreshed and raring to go again…. We headed out early back to Old Town Naples where every Saturday they have a Farmers Market… I was hoping to pick up some fruits and veggies like we get in Ocala but these didn’t look half as good and were a lot more money… I did find some great lobster dip and the fresh fish stall had some awesome stone crab that they had just cooked.. I bought some for a picnic we plan on having Sunday.. Can’t wait…. We always carry insulated bags in the car and truck just for times like these so we were able to continue our journey without first running home to put this in the refrigerator. Between the bag and the cool temperatures, we were just fine…

Once we left the market, we continued on north on Hwy 41 which people from here call going “up the trail”. The reason for this is that Hwy 41 is also called the Tamiami Trail that stretches from Tampa to Miami Beach.. I showed you pictures where it ended while we were in Miami for Christmas. Our purpose for going “up the trail” was twofold. One was that I was curious to see all the changes since the last time we were here and the other and main reason was to meet our friends Bill Joyce and his wife Diane Melby for lunch.. They have been in Fort Myers Beach for awhile this winter and we decided to meet at Bonita Beach which is about ½ way for both of us.. We picked a place from random that Bill J. found on the computer and it was perfect.. It was right on the beach with a fun atmosphere… I understand that at night this is a favorite place to watch the sunset and I can sure see why.. The menu was priced right and had choices that we all liked. After eating we just walked on the beach and talked.. When we left Minnesota on Sept 1st, Bill and Diane were still at the campground we stayed at there.. You might think that there couldn’t be that much news to talk about so soon but as with most of us full-timers, there is so much that happens in our travels it is fun to share them with others that have the same interest..

After our good-bys were said for a short time (they are planning on staying at our park in Silver Springs in Feb) we drove back to our place to put our seafood in the fridge and continue on down the road to see more of the area…

Our next stop was on the Isle of Capri. We stopped in to check out the menu for a later time and wound up having a drink in the Tiki Hut. From there we went down to Marco Island… What a disappointment that was to me… It used to be one of my favorite places to walk on the beach. We would go to Tigertail Beach and walk all the way to the big hotels but this time when we got there they wanted $8.00 just to get to the beach.. That made me mad since this is the only place in Florida that we have ever been charged to get in… Oh sure, some places have parking meters close up but they all have free places a little further away that you can walk from… Well, I refused to pay it even though Bill was ready to do so. We left there and I told him another place that we used to park to get on the beach so we drove to that one… When we got there they now have a gate and you have to be a resident in order to get through. Across the street there was another parking lot but you guessed it. $8.00 to park. We turned around and came back to our little house and watched another movie on the DVD.. I don’t think we missed a beautiful sunset since there was not a cloud in the sky.. At least I hope we didn’t. You know how much I love those…

What will we do next??? Come back and find out……..Later.

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