We stopped at this TT park before and liked it

it's near Columbus Texas, great for staging to go somewhere else.

Just a little off I-10 and about 60 miles from Houston

The views are nice and the quiet is ...

delightful ! ! !

Dave's "long lost cousin" Charles and his wife, Judyann

Dave's "long lost cousin" Charles and his wife, Judyann.

Wow ! ! ! we made it. Don't know how, except Rebecca helped drive a good portion of the distance. I don't know how some guys do it by themselves, I'm so glad to have a lady that helps me drive. By the way,this was a 484 mile day ! We had not planned on that kind of distance, did not look at the maps and figure it out. Anyway...

Here's a piece of advise for all you "newbie's" out there. If your plan for a days drive is to get on one of the many Interstates, paid for by your hard earned tax dollars. Here's what you do, before you hit the on ramp. While traveling, about 10 - 15 mph, hit the brakes real hard, then hit the gas pedal real hard! Maybe even do that once again, all the while, wildly twisting the steering wheel left and right, left and right. Brake, then gas once more for good measure. Might as well do it now under your terms, get all your cupboards open and their contents spilled all over the kitchen, living room floor. Oh and if you have false teeth take them out so they don't fall out and then you're wife will be rootin around between the seats searchin for em. that's the kind of experience we had for this drive on I-10 and I-12, YIKES ! ! ! Any state governor out there reading this, listen, the contractor that built your freeway owes 80% of the money back to you!

This visit is a staging stop just for two nights. Dave and Rebecca are going to meet a "cousin" he's never met. The cousin, Charles Prince and Judyann live somewhat nearby so we'll visit with them for a few hours. And as it turned out they are delightful people.

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