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We took our time this morning but still managed to be on the road out of Oklahoma City at 10 minutes before 8:00. We arrived in Wichita a few minutes before 11:00 AM, after a very nice drive, with a good tailwind.

I try to tell it like it is when we move to a different RV Park.

We thought we knew what to expect here at Blasi Campground.

We have been here before. In fact this is the place we were parked with our brand new RV when we moved out of our home, which was just about one mile away.

The people running this place are quite nice but that doesn’t make things any better.

I must say that Blasi is more of a trailer park, gravel, sites spaced close together, and very short in length.

The first site we were assigned was way too short with a tree on one side which totally prevented any slide outs being operated on that side.

We were then assigned a different site and told that if that didn’t work, to just pick out any site we liked and let them know where we were parked. Fair enough!

The assigned site had an older trailer parked next door, kid’s toys scattered about, and the entrance to our assigned site blocked by a pickup truck.

We chose a site farther back, next to the pond and parked there just fine.

As soon as we got out of the truck, a dog next door began barking.

“Oh great”, I thought. In fairness here, I must say that the dog’s owner stopped the dog from barking and closed the door so that the animal could not see us, and we did not hear the barking again.

We noticed dog poop all over the grassy area where our patio area would be, along with lots of discarded cigarette butts strewn about.

It was obvious that the rules about picking up after your dog are not being followed.

It was our best choice at the time.

About the time we got things all set up, the guy driving the pickup truck which blocked the other site, came out of the trailer parked there and began loudly cussing a blue streak, using the “F” word to a lady I assumed to be his wife and all of this was in front of his small daughter.

We were ready to leave, but decided to stick it out for tonight and then maybe one more night, but we will be moving on for sure on Friday morning.

To top it off we are unable to get on line for the Wi-Fi we were told was operational. This journal entry will be late getting posted.

Marilyn found a place to weigh in and it was time to go.

We headed out for Marilyn’s WW meeting. This time she actually gained ¼ pound over the past week, but weighed much later in the day than she normally does. She was not disappointed because she remains under her goal weight.

After that we headed north to visit our friends, Dave & Judy.

We stopped to eat a late lunch at Cracker Barrel. Both of us were hungry because we had not eaten breakfast before we left this morning.

After a delicious lunch we drove across the street to fill the truck with fuel, before driving to the home of our good friends.

We spent two hours with Dave & Judy, getting caught up, and making plans for tomorrow, then drove back to the “trailer park and dog pound” called Blasi. That is unfair I guess. I should admit that the place was very quiet all night.

I may not get this posted tonight due to a lack of internet service, but I’ll try.

I guess this is all part of the adventure, and we may be a bit spoiled by the wonderful RV resorts we stay in.

Some days it seems to be just a bit more difficult to remember that Life is Good!

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