Michelle and Charlie's Around the World Trip 2004-2005 travel blog

controversial architecture of the National Wine Center

Adelaide is a nice town. The most memorable things were that we could get free internet access at the library. We stopped in at the National Wine Center, which although had less actual wine than I would have liked, did have fun and high tech exhibits. Our favorite is a computer game where they quiz you on how to pick and process different types of wines. They give your wine a grade at the end. Our first one they said they couldn't sell in a super market at any price. Our second try at making Shiraz went much better though and we got a gold medal. We also had "yum cha" in Adelaide, which is what they call dim sum in Australia for some reason. Also, not related to Adelaide exactly, but that reminds us that instead of "How are you doing", they say "How are you going?" which threw us off at first. Another phrase that we actually liked is "Good on you" which means something like good job. Also unrelated Australia trivia, Burger King is called Hungry Jacks, with the same logo and menu for the most part, except for the Aussie Burger which has egg and beetroot on it. We got one day of rain in the almost month in Australia and it happened to be in Adelaide so we don't have many pictures.

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