Calico Ghost Town

List of shops

Cool old wagon

Trading Post

Calico House Restaurant

Town view


Historical Landmark #782

Town view

Post Office & Store



Fire Buckets

Sheriff's Office

Jerry in jail :-)

Price chart

Ordinary Items


Hank's Hotel

Train Station

House made of bottles

Close view

Jerry :-)

Last one, Calico Cemetery

We had a great time today visiting the Calico Ghost Town. More than a century ago, the town of Calico was bustling with prospectors. Founded in March 1881, it grew to a population of 1,200 with 22 saloons and more than 500 mines. Silver was king, and the Calico Mining District became one of the richest in California, producing $86 million in silver, $45 million in borax and, of course, gold. After 1907, when silver prices dropped and borax mining moved to Death Valley, Calico became a ghost town.

Today, Calico is one of the few remaining original mining towns of the western United States. It was preserved by Walter Knott (founder of Knott's Berry Farm and a relative of the owner of Calico's Silver King mine). Mr. Knott donated Calico Ghost Town to the County of San Bernardino in 1966, and it remains alive and well as a 480-acre County Regional Park.

Our last stop was to view the old Calico Cemetery. More later from California.

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