Cameron walking his dog :-) Boys will be boys!

Another view

Brandon day at Skatecity

Ollie got to watch him too

Ollie with Brandon's helmet


Jared the guitar man

Brandon's turn

Brandon at Cameron's ball game

Barbeque night

Gene & Jerry


Cameron's ATV, he said he saved up all his life for this...

Another view

He got the helmet and bag too

Jerry Jr. at work in the kitchen

We had Chicken Schnitzel with basil cream sauce and it was incredible!!

Kim & Betty

The boys

Jared & Cameron

Computer time

Brandon and Ollie, Ollie has enjoyed having the boys too. :-)

Cameron day at Skatecity


Mandalay Bay


Caesar's Palace


Last one!

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Brandon at Skatecity

(MP4 - 1.23 MB)

Brandon at Skatecity 2

(MP4 - 1.43 MB)

Mystic Falls

(MP4 - 1.43 MB)

Cameron at Skatecity 1

(MP4 - 1.56 MB)

Cameron at Skatecity 2

Our time in Vegas is almost over. We have enjoyed ten wonderful days with family. We had all the boys over for the first weekend, then we split them up so they could have Brandon day, then Jared and Cameron day. :-)

We have been to two ball games to watch Cameron play, we visited the Sky Zone and watched the boys skateboarding for hours at Skatecity. We have had a blast and they have too.

I am going to be adding a lot of family pictures and videos, please check back for more. I am also adding a few videos of Mystic Falls from Sam's Town Casino. Fountains shoot eight stories into the air and the waters dance in the lights to a symphonic score recorded especially for Sam's Town by the Indianapolis Philharmonic Orchestra.

We will be leaving in the morning, heading to the Grand Canyon. More later from Arizona.

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