Our first stop of the day

The movie was incredible!

Critters and plants in the canyon



We walked the canyon rim all the way to where those people...

Incredible colors

Another view

Getting closer



Almost there

We made it :-)


Looking down

Zoom of the Colorado River way below

Another view

Map showing where we were

Back to the car to drive to the next viewing area

Ollie enjoyed his day too :-)

Our next stop

More incredible views

Our next stop



Hopi House


Another beautiful viewing area



Another view

El Tovar Lodge

Grand Canyon Railway

Bright Angel Lodge

The mule stables

Another view

Last one, the Grand Canyon Airport with lots of helicopters

We had an incredible day today. We drove about 60 miles from our campground to visit the Grand Canyon. We have visited before, but we only had a short time to see everything. It is much more fun when you are retired, and have as much time as you want. :-)

Our first stop was the National Geographic Visitor Center to view the IMAX Grand Canyon movie. The cost was $12.50 each, it was definitely worth it. The movie made you feel like a bird flying over the canyon, then you got to ride the rapids in a boat with the water splashing on your face. It felt just like you were in the boat and the helicopter etc. It was the perfect way to experience the canyon and learn about the history of the area.

We walked a lot of the Grand Canyon rim, starting at Mather Point. We got back in the car and drove to other areas of the rim for more views. They have trails all along the rim to walk for more viewing. They have buses that will take you too, but we had Ollie with us.

Our next stop was the Grand Canyon Village. We wanted to see some of the hotels and we even got a view of the mule stables. :-) I am adding a lot of pictures and hope you enjoy them. More later from Arizona.

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