Dave Steph Aussie Loop 2012 travel blog

Slight obstruction on the road

Another shot of the obstruction

Fisherwoman Steph at Balla Balla Inlet

Daves Bream

Steph's ???????? fish.

Whim Creek Pub !!

Hastings River Dam

Spillway at the Dam

Yesterday we decided to take a drive up to Balla Balla Inlet which is just 20kms from Whim Creek (!!!)Nothing at Whim Creek apart from a closed pub DAMN. Anyway, on the way up there we had a slightly oversize truck that we had to wait to pass us (see the photos) and they weren't going that slow either.

Then after about 120kms we got to Balla Balla Inlet for some fishing, as the tide was on the way in,the only problem was MUD and more MUD to walk through after an hour as the tide immediately started going back out.

After a few hours we finished fishing after catching a few bream and Steph caught something else, this is about the 6th one of these she has caught, which if anyone can tell (by the photo) please let us know what it is, not in any of the fishing books we have and none of the other guys around our camp know what it is. The only suggestions so far have been a Dory of some sort or from the Sweep family.

We then headed back towards camp but decided to have a look at the Harding River Dam on the way back, while we were on the way to the dam the temperature got to 41 deg, yep that's right all you who are cold in Perth 41. It was a touch warm !!!

We had decided that we would pack up from Cleaverville today (Thursday) and head for a place called 40 Mile Beach which is just south of Karratha, but when we woke the wind is fairly strong so we will see if it drops off a bit before we start packing the caravan up. No need to rush these things WE ARE ON HOLIDAYS.

It feels like it is going to be warm again today, I checked the weather and they say it should be 36 deg.

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