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Ground Zero - The memorial of remembrance for the victims of the...

Our new home. The hotel that is, not the pool bar...........

Yes Emma just pushed me in.

You come half way around the world and you still bump into...

......and retards!

The now obligatory 'shot shot'. With our new friend Side Show Bob....

The band

"I give straight hair a double thumbs up". "But you've got curly...

You had the 'Beerovision' setting on the camera for this one.


An Indonesian Mick Jagger. How cool's that!?!?!

We slayed some Karaoke classics! We were having fun though!

Karaokecam. Thank Christ there isn't any sound...

Emma cleverly incorporates her now signature 'drunken point' into a chorus. A...

Like all great bands, someone always has a go at going solo....

The crowd were going wild. Ok, the crowd are actually just going....

The party really started getting going again when we were dragged off...

Thank you Indonesia, and goodnight!!!

We woke up just in time for our free breakfast today.

After this we went for a wander around town. Lots of bars and surf shops funnily enough.

It looks cool, a bit cheesy, but should be fun anyway.

After this we went and had a look at the beach.

It looks really cool with lots of surf board action and beerage (if required).

We were quite hungy by this point so I put surfing off until tomorrow so we could go and get some fud and have a drink somewhere.

We found an alright restaurant to get some food, had a mooch around some more surf shops, and then headed over to a bar recommended in Lonely Planet called "Paddy's". It was a club rather than an Irish pub, and was playing some classic 90's music, however after about 2 hours, 6 cocktails and 4 shots, we were still stone cold sober. Not that we were trying to get bladdered but it wasn't cheap in there and when the tequila tastes more like water than tequila you know it's time to split!

Which we did..............across the road to a small bar that had a live band playing.

A couple of drinks later we were having a great time and everyone in there was really up for a fun night.

We met a few people, had a few drinks, had a bit of a dance, sang a few songs (Karaoke with a live band is sooo the way forward man!!) and eventually made it home at about 5am.

A very funny way to say hello to Bali.

Looking forward to surfing with a hangover tomorrow. Em's not.


Oh also at the Karaoke there was the most amazing IndoJaggerman singing HonkyTonk Blues. It was incredible (see photo). I may have some grainy video footage which I'll try and put on here as well.

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