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all the other places I've been haha

enterance to the miniature world

mini boat on fire!

mini sights of Netherlands everywhere

look at the detail in that church

mini people!

famous tower

our buddy Joe showed up



Susanne playing nice with a gator


the fantastic and fun ice slide

it's a moose!

it was chilly

they had an egloo!

a mini amusment park that actually moved

the boat ride!!!

Susanne is a giant!

so cute

mini anne frank house



cube houses

football stadium

an art museum


tulip farm

bike parking lot

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mini amusment park

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my ice adventure

(MP4 - 2.54 MB)

Susanne's ice slide

Off to The Haag today. We decided to just take a day trip there. We found the tourist information office after a bit of confusion and decided to go to Mini-Holland. Had to catch a bus over there and some lady must have overheard us and she actually pushed the stop button for us and told us where to get off. So nice!

Basically this place is a miniature version of all the highlights in Holland. They have stuff from all the cities. The airport in Amsterdam, the anne frank house, windmills, tulip farms, theatres. We walked around loving all the mini sights we've already seen. They also had an exhibition on inside one of the buildings. It was an ice zoo. Some chinese artists came over and did a bunch of ice sculptures of animals from all over the world. But the coolest thing was an ice slide. You got to ride down it on a crazy carpet. So much fun!!!! We went down twice like big kids haha.

Inisde the building it was -9 degrees. I'm not used to that kind of cold anymore and I was FROZEN!!! Back outside to the warmth and finished walking around. Stopped for some lunch there and then headed back to the center. The Haag is actually where alot of the goverment buildings are. It is more the capital city. We headed back to Rotterdam after wandering around and then back to our hostel there.

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