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Another view


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Last one!

We have packed a lot of activity into our short, two day stay in Winslow. Today we toured Meteor Crater in Flagstaff, Arizona.

We watched the movie, "Collisions and Impacts", in the state of the art, 80-seat wide screen movie theater. This informative and entertaining 10-minute feature, introduces broad themes displayed throughout the Interactive Learning Center.

Impressive artifact exhibits include an actual Apollo space test capsule, which complements the American Astronaut Wall of Fame.

Throughout the visitor center are many large meteorite specimens, which created Meteor Crater. A 1,406 pound meteorite fragment, the largest ever found in the area, is on display for visitors to view and touch.

Four observation areas behind the Learning Center actually allow you to view the crater from inside the rim. Although Meteor Crater is over 4,000 feet across, and 550 feet deep, the observation telescopes allow you a close up look at points of interest in the crater. Daily guided rim tours allow those with proper hiking shoes to venture about 1/3 mile around the crater rim. We were happy just to view it from the walkways. It was well worth the $15 admission, which included the movie.

We will be back on the road in the morning, heading to New Mexico. More later from New Mexico.

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