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Sher's Office Building - She is on the ninth floor

We left Tyler at about 10:00am on Sunday and drove the 120 mules to our campground in Grapevine, Texas. We will be here for the next week for Sydney's Bat Mitzvah. The campground is owned by the City of Grapevine and is on Lake Grapevine. It is a super nice park and we have a beautiful site looking down at the water and all the boats.

The Dallas area does not have an abundance of camp grounds so we were lucky to find one this nice as close to Sheryl's house. We are only about 15 miles away. The nice part about it is that it is where Microsoft in located and that is where Sheryl works, so we will be able to have lunch together on the days that she is working. I think she is only working a couple of days this week though as she has so much to due to get ready for the party. We are hoping that we can be of some help to her so she can enjoy herself too. There will be a whole bunch of family flying in on Thursday and Sheryl plans on having about 35 of us for dinner on Friday night. She is really doing this whole thing up right, although it is almost as big as a wedding and from the sounds of it, just about as expensive too.

This should be a very fun week in the Big City and I will be trying to capture it all on camera for you all to see later...................................

The above was written right after we arrived at our campground and since then we have been busy.

We were very anxious to see the kids so we went to their house early Sunday evening. Sheryl had some homemade chicken soup ready and a beautiful salad. We were able to spend a little time with them before all the rest of the family start arriving. They are in the middle of chaos at their hours right now with all of the party decorations and things they are working on. It is mass confussion but they seem to know exactly where everything is and where it is going. I'm glad we were able to see all this and be a part of this wonderful time in their lives.

Monday we had planned on going to lunch with Sheryl but it turns out that she had a really big presentation at 2:00 in the afternoon and her boss had come up from Houston to go with her. This is a seven figure sale she is presenting so to take a lot of time away from her desk would not be good. Instead we went to Costco's and picked up turkey sandwichs and caeser salad and brought them to her office. This gave us a chance to see where she works and meet her boss and co-workers. She works on the ninth floor of a ten story building with an incrediable view of Dallas. I'm glad things worked out the way it did. If you have to work, this sure is a beautiful place to spend your day.

The rest of the day we just hung around the campground because the sky had opened up and Dallas was getting some much needed rain.

There you have our first couple of days in Dallas.......... Stay tuned for more.........

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