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This morning I had my annual wellness checkup, including blood work, with my primary care physician. At the time we made the appointment, I was under the impression that it was just a follow-up visit to check the swollen salivary gland; so I hadn’t dressed appropriately today. (The swelling in the gland had disappeared, by the way.) The sleeves of the turtleneck top I was wearing were too tight to pull up high enough for taking the blood sample from the bend of the elbow, so the technician used the side of my wrist. I liked that better anyway because the bandage didn’t interfere with my arm movements.

The doctor also sent a prescription to CVS for a “pneumococcal conjugate vaccine – injection” (Prevnar 13). When I went to CVS to get the injection, the tight sleeve was an issue again. The pharmacist said that she had to use my upper arm muscle for the injection. They didn’t have a private place to administer it, so I had to go home and change my top so I could return later for the injection.

First, though, I ate lunch and then ran a couple of other errands before returning to CVS for the injection. The most important one was getting Sweet Pea cleaned up. It was to the point that I was ashamed of all the grime! Due to inclement weather over quite a long period of time, I had kept putting off the wash and wax job. Now, with nice weather, procrastination was no longer justified!

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