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Team Dirty JerZ!

Getting registered for the Tough Mudder

Team Dirty JerZ. Dean did not have a jersey so I drew...

Tough Mudder course

And they are off!!!

Smiling and clean! So far!

The kids all got numbers. Uncle Jack gave himself a spectator number....

The first obstacle we could see was a wall climb.

Top of the wall

Justin concentrating

Kids on hill climb

Getting dirty and still smiling

Allie on the monkey bars

More swinging monkeys. At the end was a swinging bar they had...

We missed the muddy army crawl but the kids did not!

For this one the kids had to grab a trapeze, ring a...

Jesse ringing the bell

Ryan kicking the bell to outdo his brother

Then hitting the water, head first!

Still smiling. Pardon the finger on the phone!

this is what you would look like after going through a container...

Justin and Helenna still laughing

Allie's nephew Trent joins the kids for a bit

Ryan does a cannonball in the mud, he loves his team mates!

Jesse is a muddy mess

Jesse and Ryan

Log push, they had to make a certain number of revolutions

Allie almost taking on the log by herself.

Allie grabs the tail end of a rope

Team work!

Climbing down the back side of the vert wall

Carry your partner challenge. Brother on brother

Balancing act, or brotherly wrestling opportunity....yes

Getting ready to enter the final challenge, a wall of electrodes

Getting through the electrodes, and still smiling

zap! Ow! zap! Ow! zap Ow! and still laughing

Ten miles later, the finish line!

Team Dirty JerAZ and their dirty jerseys. Tough Mudders!

Baker after the race

Aalmost clean again. Friends for over 10 years. or was that 15?

Post mudder meal

Tough Mudder weekend

Yay! It is here! The Tough Mudder is a long obstacle course where proceeds go to the wounded Warrior Project. It is happening this weekend in Black Diamond, WA. The team name Dirty JerZ is from a soccer team the kids had in New Jersey. The Dirty JerZ soccer team still plays too! Some of the kids have run on different occasions in the Poconos of Pennsylvania as well as Englishtown NJ. Some kids have run more than others, and for a few this is their first time. It is not so much of a race but more of a team event as sometimes help is needed over the obstacles. The obstacles themselves include things like Vert walks, crawling through mud, and running through electrodes, jumping off high platforms into water, long monkey bridges, and many others. It is a little different at each race. Some teams go through to better their time. Others go through for the experience. There are so many different reasons to do this. Often there are costumes involved. It is fun to watch too!

My son Jesse lives in Everett WA and Justin Baker lives in Seattle. That is why everyone came here. My other son Ryan and wife Becca flew in from Brooklyn as did Allie. Allies mom also came to watch from New Jersey. She has other family in the Seattle area and they came to watch too. Dwight also came from New Jersey. Eric and his girlfriend Brianne flew up from LA area. Ti came from Alaska. She is the daughter of Steve and Tricia who we spent time with in Alaska. I went to college with Tricia a long time ago. We even had a team member, Anu, who flew in from India. She used to work with Justin when he lived in Delaware and also in Seattle. There were also a few friends from Seattle's Amazon, Hellena and Dean. It was quite a diverse team but they all had a great time and smiles on their faces.

Sunday was the race. The kids even got there on time. I don’t think they had a lot of sleep the night before. The team stayed at Jesse’s apartment the night before. We slept well, since we were in a campground just down the road. Smart move on our part!  They ran, jumped crawled, clawed, climbed, slid, grunted and groaned and still kept on smiling. We were able to watch a lot of the obstacles as they were concentrated in an area for the spectators to be able to walk to. Then the kids would go off a trail into the woods for an hour or so doing a few more obstacles and a few more miles, and then would come back to where we could see them again. It was a beautiful day. The best weather they have had for this race. So glad we were able to be a part of it.

Mike had cooked a couple of Pork Shoulder roasts in his smoker that day, so after the race, the kids and their cheering section, all came to the campground. The kids were able to use an outside shower we have on the camper to get what the hoses at the race missed. We had a club house we were able to use and fed all 24 people with pulled pork, baked beans, potato and macaroni salad, chips and some salmon. It was a great time. I am so glad we were able to be a part of it.

The next morning we had breakfast with some of the kids and played a little disc golf before Jesse dropped Ryan and Becca off at the airport. It was a fun weekend. It seemed short so I am not sure why I am so exhausted. Kids do that to me I guess! And I love every minute of it.

We are heading back to Scio Oregon for a while to my parents’ house. We have scheduled some more trailer work and tweaking at our favorite RV repair shop in Redmond. We will hang out in Scio until sometime in October. I am sure we can find things to do until that happens. In fact I already have a few ideas…… stay tuned!

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