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Lake Coeur d'Alene

Another view

Thru the Coeur d'Alene Nat'l Forest

Thru a historic mining area of Idaho

The forest is so thick here

Another new state

St. Regis River

Clark Fork River

Another view

Flathead River

Another view

Pretty Montana ranch

There are mountains - and then there are Mountains!

They don't just have cows & horses here - there are musk...

Near Ronan

At Aunt Anna's place

What a great place to park!

View from our kitchen window!

The view another direction

A thunderstorm came thru this evening

We got out ahead of the storm this morning & only had to deal with a little wind thru the canyons so not a bad drive at all. And it was beautiful!

We arrived at Aunt Anna's mid afternoon & got the trailer set up. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful location - a pond with geese & ducks in one direction & mountains all around.

We had a nice visit with Anna. David hadn't seen her in 55 or more years & it was great to catch up on the Kruse family. Anna has a young border collie/red healer & she & Callie had a wonderful time running thru Anna's house playing together.

Our visit is just getting started so - more later...

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