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We're seeing high mountains today

First view of the Kluane Range

Good sized lumber mill for the wilderness

Canyon Creek Bridge - 1903 - rebuilt 1930s, 1942 (in 18 days),...

"New" Canyon Creek Bridge over the Aishihik River

Kluane Range Icefields

You can see a deep glacier on the large peak on the...

Beautiful spot for lunch - Jarvis River

Down the road - more icefields & glaciers

Kluane Lake

Mtns around Kluane Lake


Destruction Bay 0n Kluane Lake

World's largest gold pan

Icefields Ranges - St. Elias Mtns

Another view

Bald Eagle


Frost heaves on the road

Panhandle Lake

Road construction

We made it!

This gray jay was very fluffy

Home for the nite in an overlook

Overlooking lakes & the St. Elias Mtns

We had a long day on some rough roads (no cruise control today!) but saw beautiful scenery. We probably averaged 40 mph because of the frost heaves on the roads, patches of gravel (actually usually better to drive on than the heaved pavement) & road construction. The Milepost says "According to Public Works Yukon, much of the soil along the north Alaska Hwy is of glacial origin & unsuitable for road embankments. 'Anything that causes the permafrost to melt will cause the ice-rich soil to liquefy, & liquid soil has little strength & will settle or subside. Then if this soil refreezes during the lower air temperatures, it will expand or heave.' This process wreaks havoc on the drivability of the road surface by creating undulations & cracking." We experienced this all the way from Whitehorse to Alaska & beyond.

But we saw the world's largest non polar icefields in the Kluane Range & the Wrangell-St. Elias Mtns. We also saw Kluane Lake, which is the largest lake in Yukon Territory, covering approx. 154 sq. miles. Had trouble taking pictures of the lake because it was so still & reflective.

We also saw 3 pairs of swans nesting on lakes (could have been Tundra or Trumpeter swans according to the Milepost) & our first Bald Eagle of the trip.

We're spending our first nite dispersal camping along the road. We found a pull out with a nice view.

Critter Count: Black Bear - 1 (18) - Moose - 1 (3) - Bald Eagle - 1 - Swans - 6

More later...

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